At Tuck & Howell, Inc., we provide services to address issues like a clogged drain in Simpsonville, SC. A drain that gets clogged with debris, such as hair or grease, can quickly become an inconvenient and irritating problem.

You may also not be able to get the clog out just by plunging the drain or trying to scoop out the residue with your fingers. Rather than deal with a sink, shower, or toilet that won’t drain properly, look to us at Tuck & Howell, Inc. for help. We offer fast and efficient drain clogging Simpsonville customers can rely on to get vital plumbing fixtures working properly again.

Quality Clogged Drain Simpsonville Services

A drain that gets clogged poses more of a problem than taking its time to drain liquids that you pour down it. It can also create ideal conditions inside of your plumbing for bacteria to grow. In a matter of days, the drain could create a foul stench in your home, one that you can’t cover with bleach, ammonia, or other disinfectants.

Even more, the longer you leave the clog in place, the more solid it can get and the more difficult it will be to remove. Your bathroom plunger may fail entirely to dislodge the clog and pull it up so that you can manually remove it yourself.

Rather than attempt to get rid of the clog yourself, you can hire experienced plumers to remove it for you. They have the resources to reach and eliminate debris like hair, grease, and other items that might’ve become lodged inside of your drain.