Your home’s HVAC system can play a significant role when it comes to improving indoor air quality. It can also play a significant role in keeping utility costs to a minimum and ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are free from defects. The best part is that it can be relatively easy and affordable to transform your house into a home of the future today.

SEER Ratings Are Going Up

If your current heating or cooling system is more than 15 or 20 years old, it’s probably not as efficient as systems coming out in 2024. This is because the minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is going up to 14, which means that new systems are going to be as much as 10% more efficient than what you have now.

In addition to saving money on your heating and cooling bills, a modern system can do a better job of evenly heating or cooling your house. This means that you won’t have to worry that your room is 20 degrees warmer than your home office or 20 degrees colder than the living room or kitchen.

The folks at Tuck & Howell, Inc. in Greenville, SC, will be happy to talk to you about the various furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning products available for purchase. If you aren’t ready to buy a new HVAC system, we can repair or maintain the products already installed in your home.

Your Thermostat Is Getting Smarter

Smart thermostats have quickly become one of the more popular items among homeowners in recent years. They are popular because you can easily set the temperature in your home with the push of a button on your tablet or smartphone. As your smart HVAC system is controlled by a phone or tablet, it means that you can adjust your home’s temperature while you’re at work, school or even on vacation.

This is important because you can easily shut off the heat or ensure that your air conditioner isn’t running at full throttle while you’re away. It also gives you a chance to turn on the heat or air conditioner before heading home for the day or after a trip. Therefore, you won’t have to walk into a home that feels like a freezer or a sauna.

Furthermore, most systems can adjust themselves based on several factors, such as outdoor temperature and relative humidity in a given space. It can also adjust itself automatically based on variables that you program into the system’s memory.

Your Home Can Monitor Its Own Health

The smart technology that you put in your home relies on a network of sensors that are constantly collecting data about its environment. Aside from temperature and humidity readings, these sensors can collect information, such as air patterns or indoor air quality levels. Modern systems can also detect if there are defects or potential defects that need to be addressed.

Ultimately, this means that your home can tell you if a motor blower isn’t working properly or if your air ducts need attention. You may also be alerted if a pipe is cracked or if there is a water leak somewhere inside your house. This is important because the sooner you know about an issue, the easier it tends to be to fix. It may also be less expensive to fix as problems that are caught promptly may be covered by your warranty or some other protection plan.

Get Ready to Share

Outside parties may have access to the data that is collected by your smart system. For instance, Google makes a smart thermostat, and the company is notorious for collecting and sharing consumer data. You may also be able to get discounts on your heating and cooling bills in exchange for allowing your utility company to adjust system parameters remotely. Of course, you will be able to learn more about what type of data might be collected and how it may be used before buying or installing smart products in your home.

If you are looking to upgrade your house this upcoming year, don’t hesitate to contact the folks at Tuck & Howell, Inc. today. In addition to maintaining a furnace or repairing an air conditioner, we can also perform indoor air quality assessments or take care of ductwork issues in a timely and affordable manner.

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